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LSI Consultancy

When considering new builds or indeed the refurbishment of existing Studios it is essential that the Grids, Suspension systems, Lighting, and the Electrical distribution are considered, designed, and specified at the very earliest opportunity.
It is as a result of this need for defining and specifying from the very outset of a project, the Grids, Suspension systems, Lighting, and the Electrical distribution that LSI Projects also offer in addition to our other services Consultancy and Systems Design

Working and consulting directly with you the client or your representatives, LSI as Specialist Equipment Consultants will design and specify your Studio Lighting, Suspension and Electrical requirements taking into consideration such issues as:

• The style of productions the studio will have to accommodate
• The size, shape and functionality of your existing or planned studio/s
• The most appropriate and cost effective suspension solutions
• The dynamic weight loads which the main structure will have to accommodate
• The size/volume of Air Conditioning needed as a consequence of the heat generated    from the studio lighting
• The latest available technology
• Electrical Distribution requirements
• A plan & schedule to complete the project
• And finally but most importantly ‘Your budget’

Our Design Service includes:
* Agreeing and designing according to our client's budget
* Detailed Design, Lay-out and Specification of Suspensions Systems and Grids
* Detailed Lay-out & Drawings with specifications of the Lighting Equipment required.
* Design of Special Customised items
* Design/Lay-out/Drawings of Electrical Distribution requirements
* Design and Lay-out of Communication and Data Networks

Having completed the systems design, LSI thereafter Compiles and formats all of the design and equipment details into a " Specification Document including Contractual obligations" which then enables you the client if you so wish, to Tender the works involved, prior to award of contract. A formal specification of course also ensures all interested parties such as contractors or equipment suppliers tender according to your specified requirements.

In appointing LSI Projects as Lighting & Suspension Consultants our expertise and experience in specifying and project managing over 100 studio installations world – wide guarantees a quality, on time and on budget solution for your studio requirements.